God Gainz and the Good Life is where you begin to unpack spiritual baggage and years of false identities. When you are searching for a breakthrough, sometimes that comes from a change of thought, or even an inspiring story. My hope is that the work I am doing will bring people one step closer to Jesus, and a real encounter that produces fruit and overwhelming joy!

There is not a one size fits all when it comes to relationship, deliverance, inner healing or prayer. The truth is, the only way to grow in your faith, is to step into the unknown and reach out for his hand. Whatever is holding you hostage, keeping you stuck, or leaving you hopeless will be what God can use to testify to his glory and goodness. No one is to far lost, or too far gone.

Coaching is a great way to bring accountability and increase to spiritual growth, just as it is in any area of your life. Having completed coursework in the following areas, there is an ease to healing and deliverance which can be applied when working with a knowledgeable coach. 

I have spent years learning and collecting resources on Spiritual Warfare, Advanced Warfare, Ministry to the Human Spirit, Realms and Dimensions, and Inner Healing Ministry. I have completed over 40 hours of Spiritual Equipping and Healing Work with a Ministry that specializes in these areas.

Truly, engaging the Holy Spirit is the most effective strategy that can bring healing or breakthrough to a person. I believe in the power of prophetic revelation in sessions and thinking outside the box. God desires to heal and bring wholeness to his people, and he is pouring out for those that seeking him!

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